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Environmental and Natural Resources program for the Integrated Industrial Plan at South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia:

  • Establish risk-based remediation objectives to reduce the environmental impact of Industrial Plants
  • Encourage sustainable development and environmental awareness
  • Minimize the environmental impact of the operations, optimizing the natural and economic resources
  • Environmental services: Environmental Site Assessment, Site Characterization and Risk Assessment
  • Minimize the environmental impact of the operations, optimizing the natural and economic resources
  • Environmental services: Environmental Site Assessment, Site Characterization and Risk Assessment
    • Environmental management and the use of natural resources are crucial for achieving a sustainable development
    • Huge challenge for planner and policy makers
    • Prevention and Planning Vs Treatment Cost and Environmental Impact
    • We offer services and flexible solutions to resolve these critical issues

    Article 33 verse (4) of The 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia :


    • Industrial plans in tropical forest have adverse environmental impacts
    • Impacts may affect an area larger than the sites or facilities
    • Provide environmental tools and use natural resources for sustainable growth is a key issue

    Sustainable development

    Renewable energy

    • Desalination and fresh groundwater
    • Environmental management
    • Land management
    • Wastewater and industrial water
    • Waste energy plants


    Solar & Renewable Energy
    Land M
    Environmental Management
    and Industrial Water System
    Waste Energy Plant
    Desalination & Groundwater

    Support the authorities to apply sustainable planning policies

    • Design economically realistic in site measurement methods
    • Modeling tools validated in pilot sites
    • Design surveillance systems and solutions
    • Assessment of different time-scales: from the very short term (immediate danger) to long term (probability of disturbances)
    • Literature review

    Environmental Communication

    • Public communication about environmental issues favoring the integration of the industrial Park Plan with the Society
    • Plans to promote the public participation : environmental events
    • Media and green marketing: promotional videos and activities

    Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)

    • Integrated ERA : combined modeling and environmental monitoring
    • Biomarkers : provides an early indication of potential damage to an organism Biomarkers may close the gap between modeling and monitoring
    • Health, Safety and Environmental risk Assessment: make correct decisions in the optimization of an activity

    Vulnerability Assessment and Mapping

    • The vulnerability to pollution may or may not allow to resist pollution accidents
    • Water resources systems (both surface water and groundwater resources), soil and air are subject to different anthropogenic pollution impacts
    • The vulnerability assessment of soil, air and water resources systems to pollution is relevant for drawing pollution risk maps and models

    Integrated Quality Index for vulnerability, risk and pollution assessment

    • Risk and pollution assessment adapted to the local properties of the site
    • Index based on the 10 most prevailing parameters for each medium: pH, temperature, conductivity, CO2, TPH,
      Escherichia coli, Lead…
    • Scaled results: Measured parameters,Vulnerability, Pollution…
    • GIS mapping

    Natural geological risk and vulnerability assessment

    • Research and studies on geological risks : earthquakes, seepage, mass movements, collapses, volcanic eruptions, fire and flash flooding
    • Construction and management of databases
    • Cartographic and management approaches
    • Support to the State and Local Authorities
    • Delivery of data acquisition systems

    Environmental Monitoring

    • A solid implementation of a monitoring plan improves the response time and helps to reduce the damage of environmental incidents
    • Air, soil and groundwater monitoring
    • Use of monitoring data in assessing the consequences of natural resource management and pollution risks

    Environmental Monitoring

    • Civil works
    • Drilling
    • Installation of wells
    • Pumping systems
    • Geophysics
    • High pressure pipelines

    Soil and groundwater Remediation

    • Pump & treat
    • Bioremediation & Biopile
    • Dual-phase extraction (DPE)
    • Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE)
    • Sparging
    • Monitored Natural Attenuation


    Entire Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of renewable energy generation plants and parks :

    • Photovoltaic Solar Energy
    • Solar thermal energy systems
    • Electrical energy storage systems
    • Integrated Solar Combined Cycle (ISCC)
    • Biogas
    • Surface geothermal energy
    • Small hydropower plants


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