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Sustainable Development in a Remote Area Kabupaten Mamasa

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Remote area in Mamasa Redgency are  300.588 ha with population of 125309 Peoples.

According The Government

According Own GIS Map

Land use Surface(km2) %    ha
Primary forest 306,35 10,8 30635
Secunairy forest 1260,47 44,5 126047
Pine forest 76,43 2,7 7643
Shrubbery 886,94 31,3 88694
Dry agriculture and shrubbery 204,30 7,2 20430
Sawah 53,93 1,9 5393
Marsh 1,93 0,1 193
Barren 39,22 1,4 3922
Total 2829,56 100 28295



Credit :

DR. Wouter Gotje

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The new Industrial Park Plan with Pre – Owned 400 MW Coal Fired Power Plant in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

PT. RAJAWALI UTAMA NUSANTARA (RUN) was established in the year of 2014 in Makassar City, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia and has been registered under the Indonesian Law. RUN is becomes an answer to the increasing pressure as a result of rapid development in all sectors, such as in the industrial sectors, commercial sectors, health sectors, education sectors, the tourism sectors, housings and so on. This rapid development is in direct need of an industrial park area.

RUN intend to establish an Industrial Park located in South Sulawesi with the mission to overcome the lack of industrial electricity supply, hence to build and operate a 400 MW coal – fired power plant.

Most of the power produced would be used within the Industrial Park by incumbent industries and the excess power would be sold to Perusahaan Listrik Negara (PLN), the Indonesian State-Owned Electricity Company.
The power sector in Indonesia is organized under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. PLN is responsible for the majority of Indonesia’s generation and is the monopoly provider of transmission, distribution and supply of electricity in Indonesia. This plant comprises one of the projects included in the 35,000 MW of the PLN Crash Program to cope with the electric power demand growth in Indonesia, particularly in Java island.

Sulawesi island has been allocated 10,000 MW of the program. PLN is promoting the development of the Power Plant as a private sector project and will award a Built Own Operated (“BOO”) concession to develop and operate the Plant to a private sponsor. A private sponsor with PLN through its subsidiary shall establish a project company (the Seller) that will finance, design, procure, construct, test, commission, operate and maintain the Plant and also will cover auxiliary equipment and supporting infrastructure to enable reliable base load of electricity generation for the system.

In Indonesia, especially Kalimantan Island, has a large reserve of coal resources. Approximately 60% of coal mined in Indonesia is used for power generation. While other forms of power generation are found in greater Indonesia (e.g. Geothermal, Hydro, Oil & gas), South Sulawesi depends on coal for base load generation.

RUN will be responsible for arranging and maintaining a reliable coal supply for the plant. Coal supply agreement might be negotiated on terms acceptable to local coal mine as ensure reliability of supply at market prices, and following procedures specified under the Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”) Considering electricity situation as mentioned above in this time is critical, this project is expected to be in commercial operation in the middle of year 2020. Coal could be sourced from several mines located in East and South Kalimantan.  Indonesian coal typically has high calorific value and low ash content, resulting in lower input and processing costs, and lower environmental impacts respectively.
The power plant is intended to be located in close proximity to the new port and along the coastline in the South Sulawesi Province. This location is ideal for receiving coal shipments, access to cooling water from the ocean, and in close proximity to large electrical loads, thus reducing operational costs and electrical losses.

The proposed power plant shall have a maximum capability of 380 MW and will connect to PTN’s 150kV Transmission system. A permanent investment of € 266 million is estimated for the core generating plant. This price excludes other capital costs such as Balance of Plant (BoP) equipment, land acquisition and establishment of localized infrastructure (roads, water supply and processing infrastructure, electrical  distribution infrastructure and so on). Additional costs could run to an additional € 50 million, thus bringing the total investment to € 316 million.

The recommendations for design and execution of the plant construction include :

1 review of governmental policies pertaining to domestic power production using coal as a  resource,
2 assessment of new and soon to be established competitors,
3 a review of the existing electrical, water and logistics infrastructure in the local area, and
4 identification of required and related infrastructure for the successful operation of the processing plant.


Keywords: capacity, design, execution, yield, investment, operation, infrastructure.

Credit :
1 World Consultants
Mohamed Peer B.Sc. (Elec) Pr. Eng.
Fatima Peer B.Sc. (Hons) Pr.Sci.Nat., IAIAsa


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Coal Power Plant in South Sulawesi, Indonesia

In 15 November 2018 Makassar City experiencing the blackout for 12 hours because of the lack electricity from PLN, to overcome the less supply of industrial electricity, hence PT. Rajawali Utama Nusantara (RUN) and it’s partner DSD Power Technologies GmbH offer a 400 MW coal – fired power plant to establish in South Sulawesi Province.

The Pre-Owned Coal-Fired from DSD Power Technologies GmbH Germany has  Key Features :
Fuel : Hard Coal and Natural Gas
Boiler : Supercritical Once-Through (Benson type) boiler manufacturer SGP -Tangential firing System -4 burner levels
Flue Gas : Electrostatic precipitators – SCR DeNOx plant (Hitachi)
Treatment : -Spray dryer FGD plant (3 lines)
Steam Turbine : 3 stage Siemens Turbine
Condensing : Run of River cooled
Generator : 21 kV hydrogen cooled ELIN Generatorn
Grid Connection : 400 kV ODWF ELIN transformer
Control System : SPPA T3000 from Siemens

Performance Data :

Net Output (Base Load) :   387 Mwel
Net Efficiency :   41,9 %
Net Output (min Load) :    170 Mwel

Steam Parameters :

HP1 (1 Section) : 258 bar/ 540° C
IP (2 Sections) : 44 bar/ 535° C
LP (4 Sections) :  5,1 bar/ 244,5° C

Coal Fuel Parameters :

Lower Heating Value : 24,0- 28,5 MJ/kg
Volatile Content (dry ash free) : 28 – 32 %
Ash Content (as received) : 8 – 13 %
Water Content (as received) : 5 – 12 %

Operations Data :

Commercial Operation Date : March 1986
Accumulated Operating Hours :  113.000 OH
Number of Starts :  548
Steam Turbine Refurbishment 2012 : @100.000 OH
Control System Renewal : 2008
 Plant in dry preservation for long term layup since 30-04-2015


  • Ø High Quality and State of the Art Austrian & German Standards, Machines & Components (SIEMENS, ELIN, ABB, AEG, ALSTOM, SGP,…)
    Ø Up to 40% Investment Cost Reduction
    Ø Shortened Construction Time (less then 5 years instead of 7 years)
    Ø Shortened Time to Profitability (less then 8 instead of 11 years)
    Ø Profen Performance and Availability
    Ø State of the Art Technology with less Operation Hours


Plant Scheme


The Plant

Credit :
DSD Power Technologies GmbH

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